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Hello and Welcome to my Blog I am so glad you found me. Here you will find a mixture of cards made from digital sheets purchased from the Craftsuprint website, cards made from rubber stamps and other bits and pieces. I got into cardmaking a few years ago by going to a class, then I got the bug. The thing I really like about crafting is that you are constantly learning so you never get bored. Please feel free to follow my Blog and you are most welcome to leave a comment.

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Friday, April 25, 2014

A note to my Mother!

Hi Everyone

Today is a somewhat sad day for me. It is 18 years today since my Mother has passed as I go through this day I wonder what I would say to my Mum if she were here today. I feel a little cheated as my Mum was very ill and did not really recognise me towards the end and this went on for a few years and there is so much I would have wanted to say to her.

Unfortunately she missed out on so much, she never saw her grandchildren, she never met my husband who she would have loved and she missed a few milestone birthdays. I am very fortunate to have many close friends who are always there for me and vice versa and I have a very special Lady in my life who is just like a Mother to me.

'Mum I am so glad you are out of pain and you are at peace now, there are times when you were well when I miss your smile and there is nothing like a hug from you. I hope you are watching me and you can see how happy I am and that you know you are gone but not forgotten. We had our moments but the one thing that remains is my love for you. Your spirit lives on and as I look at myself in the mirror I see you, I sometimes have to double take as  I look a lot like you when you were my age and everyone says so. Keep on resting Mum I love you'

Thank you for viewing I might not be around much today but I know you will understand.