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Hello and Welcome to my Blog I am so glad you found me. Here you will find a mixture of cards made from digital sheets purchased from the Craftsuprint website, cards made from rubber stamps and other bits and pieces. I got into cardmaking a few years ago by going to a class, then I got the bug. The thing I really like about crafting is that you are constantly learning so you never get bored. Please feel free to follow my Blog and you are most welcome to leave a comment.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

This made me smile!

One of my lovely ladies on the Craftsuprint Craft Forum was celebrating her 70th Birthday and I am sure she won't mind but I thought I would share this with you. She wrote this after we were all chatting in a thread about the things we remembered when we we're younger - hope you enjoy it.

Having just embarked on my 70th year, I thought I would share this with you all.

A Senior Citizen is one who was here before The Pill, television, frozen food, credit cards and ball point pens For us, time-sharing meant togetherness-not computers, and a chip meant a piece of wood.

Hardware meant hard wear and soft wear was not even a word. Teenagers never wore slacks.

We were before pantyhose, drip-dry clothes, dishwashers, clothes dryers & electric blankets.

We got married first and then lived together (How quaint can one be?). Girls wore Peter Pan collars & thought "cleavage" was something butchers did.

We were before Batman, vitamin pills, disposable nappies, and pizzas, instant coffee & even Chinese takeaways.

In our day, cigarette smoking was "fashionable", grass was for mowing & pot was something you cooked in. A gay person was the life of the party & nothing more, while Aids meant beauty lotions or help for someone in trouble.

We are todays Senior Citizens - a hardy bunch when you think of how the world has changed and of the adjustments we have had to make.